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Rating system

Word Social uses the Elo rating system, which was invented by a physics professor named Arpad Elo. It was originally intended for chess but is now used for many games and sports.

Your rating (basically a number between 0 and 3000) indicates your relative skill. For example, if you play somebody who has a rating that's 200 points lower than yours, theoretically you have a 75.8% chance of beating them.

After every game, your rating will go up or down a few points depending on who you played, what their ratings were, and how well you did against them (i.e., if you won or lost).

If your rating isn't behaving as expected, please keep a few things in mind:
  • If you start a game late, your rating won't change and you won't affect anybody else's rating.
  • If you quit a game before it's over, your rating will change as if you finished the game. This is because Word Social can't tell if players quit for a good reason or if they just weren't doing well and gave up.
  • If you are playing using your Game Center account, your rating can't be affected by guests.
  • If you've played more than 10 games, your rating can't be affected by people who have played less than 10 games.

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