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Vacation Pie

Vacation Pie is the simplest way to keep track of shared expenses when you're on a trip with friends!
  • So easy to use, you can start entering expenses within 10 seconds of downloading the app
  • No ads
  • No subscriptions
  • You don't have to create an account
  • You don't have to "invite" your friends
  • Your data isn't uploaded to the internet
  • You don't have to enter all the data for an expense at once; you can finish it later
  • The app can automatically record the location of each expense
An in-app purchase allows you to enter more than 10 expenses per event.

Vacation Pie is made by the developer of tChess (the chess app that was featured in Apple's "Learn" commercial for the iPad) and Learn Chess (the Apple Staff Favorite e-book).

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