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Score Pool

Disclaimer: Score Pool isn't affiliated with a pool league. If you're looking for your pool league's official scorekeeping app, this isn't it. If you use this app to keep score, you will have to copy the resulting data from the app to however you were supposed to be keeping score.

Score Pool is a virtual score sheet for league-style pool matches.

It's useful in many different scenarios. For example:
  • You're supposed to keep score on paper, but your team split tables and you only have one score sheet.
  • One of your players has to keep score on paper, but he (or she) doesn't know how.
  • You have to keep score for a preplay match that isn't available in the official scorekeeping app.
  • You want to double-check a person who's keeping score.
  • You want to measure how long a player is taking, on average, per shot. (This app calculates that for you.)
  • You want to keep score for an unofficial match between friends. (Or enemies!)

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